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All about creatives

All sbout creatives

What are creatives?

Creatives are original content in the form of text, pictures, audio and video.

All original content which you create for blogs, your social media pages, ads, web pages,  videos and podcast come under the umbrella of creatives.

Creatives can divided into 4 categories – Content creatives, Design creatives , Visual Creatives and Audio/Video creatives.

Types of creatives

Content creatives are mainly content which is written content on any  platform . 

These orginal content can be content present in websites, social media pages, blog sites. 

These written content can be primarily used for SEO optimization to make it rank on search engines using keywords. 

Design creatives are usually the artistic work which are designed using softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Canva etc. 

These creatives include Ads copy, posts on social media, web page design.

These creatives make your content much more attractive by bringing life to your content. 

Visual creatives are the picture content, especially photographic content. 

These creatives are predominantly used for social media pages.

Video/ Audio creatives are one of the most popular forms of creatives which are extensively used on various social media platforms, advertisements and audio creatives in the form of podcasts.

These creatives come under educational, motivational or entertainment types. 

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