11 Social Media Post ideas to get started

Whether it is for brand promotion or selling merchandise, Social media has now become the go-to platform. Hence establishing your presence on any social media platform is very essential if you are going to pitch yourself to the online world. Figuring out your niche is very important.

social media post ideas

Here are 11 Social media post ideas which will give clarity of which niche to get started in:

  1. Travel and nature
  2. Food
  3. Makeup
  4. Photoshoots
  5. Memes
  6. Inspirational and Motivational
  7. Educational
  8. Arts and crafts
  9. News and Tabloids
  10. Entertainment
  11. Fitness

1.Nature and travel post:

Who wouldn’t love to see a picture of a serene beach view with the rays of the sun touching the water or pristine water flowing in a jungle? 

If you are a travel photographer or travel blogger or have a travel business, having a travel page is very mandatory to share your clicks. You can go deeper in to this field and narrow down your niche.

Travel or nature posts can be either focusing on the place part or it can be focusing on you visiting these places.

You don’t have to restrict travel to only nature pictures or exotic shots. You can focus on the bustling city life, people lifestyle, architecture, roads, shopping areas, religious places, their unique activities.

Social media travel posts

You don’t need to travel to places to start a travel page, you can easily start focus on your city- the looks of your city during sunrise, the birds eye view of the city from high rise buildings, kids playing during rainy seasons.  

You can start pages focusing on cities, villages, coastal places, trekking places, adventure places, religious places.

You can also start pages like community pages which can support fellow travel bloggers or photographers or enthusiasts. You can feature their posts which can drive traffic to both your pages.

For travel businesses, you can post about the splendid architecture or the places in the itinerary focusing on the beauty of the place. This will attract your potential customers.

2. Food posts:

Imagine seeing a post with Cheese pizza or melting chocolate, this makes us drool. We all love to food pictures. If you are a food blogger or expert chef, create your own Instagram page and share your food journey.

For food bloggers, you can focus on posting dishes of any restaurants, street food, any delicacy made at home. You can go deeper by focusing on any category of food such as breakfast, lunch, sweets, snack dishes or you can focus on region wise food.

You can also post about foods needed by people who want to eat healthy.

You can make posts about making these dishes. People adore these kinds of videos and they get more engagement. When making the food DIY videos, make sure there is a clear description of the ingredients and text along with the video explaining the making process.

3. Makeup posts:

Makeup is one of the followed categories on any social media platform. Makeup tutorials are very popular.

Be it any glam up of models to any brides, these posts can garner a ton of engagement.

You can select niches such as model makeup, doing your own makeup, makeup with different products, bridal makeup and list goes on.  You can also narrow down your niche by the makeup product you use.

4.Photography post:

Photography is a wide category and consists of model photography, Abstract photography, Pre wedding and Wedding photography, Maternity photoshoots, Babies photoshoot, birthday photoshoots, Product photography.

Model and wedding photography are very popular and people love to see content like this. You can select your micro niche by selecting any of these categories and focusing on any region.

5. Memes post:

Who doesn’t love a good meme? This content has the potential to go viral. Memes are need to be based on a topic – it can be on current happening, lifestyle, relationships, thought process, day to day life.

These memes can be based on any template such as movie scene, your own design, pre – existing meme template.

Memes can be funny but it should not hurt any sentiment.

6. Inspirational and motivational post:

We are all faced by various problems in our lives and sometimes a good motivational or inspirational post can lighten up our day.

These posts can either good motivational quotes or even tips to be inspirational and motivated all day.

7.Educational posts:

We can even learn from social media platform. If you want to teach, you can start by posting your content in small sized pieces – topic by topic on any social media platform.  Topic can range from science, mathematics, Any language, coding, graphic design, entrepreneurship, digital marketing.

For educational posts, you need to design templates which you can use for all your posts. This will help your followers to easily relate to your brand.

8. Arts and crafts post:

If you have an artist in you, social media is the place to unleash your talents. Arts and crafts can be anything – drawing, painting to any crafts like origami, jewelry making, DIY decors. Anything and everything is an art.

9. News and tabloids post:

Many people turn to social media to know about the day to day happenings around them and in the world. Social media pages give them a gist of the happenings and helps the viewers be informed of the news.

Apart from the happening news, social media is also famous for entertainment news and gossips. People are very curious to know about new movies, TV shows, actor’s and actress’s personal lives.

 10. Entertainment post:

Entertainment content is the most popular content on any social media platform. From singing, dancing, mimicry, standup comedy to short plays, social media is the right place to show your talent. With short form video content like Reels on Instagram- Entertainment content is on fire and it is a good place to start if you are good in any of the above said talents.

11. Fitness post:

Any fitness related post or video, the right place to start is on social media. Everyone wants to stay fit. Hence any kind of fitness post right from tips to practice video are good to post on any social media.

Your niche here can be a mix of any of the above mentioned categories. Stick to one niche and be consistent with the content you post. This will help people to associate you with the brand.

If you want to know more about starting with Social media, check out my previous post.

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