Create an Instagram post? 6 easy steps for content creation

Instagram is now the hottest social media platform. Nearly 800 million people use Instagram and this number is expected to rise rapidly in the upcoming years. The user base mainly consists of people below the age groups of 40. Hence to create an Instagram post and get an amazing engagement, you need to create great and engaging content.

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Content in Instagram can be of text, text and images combination, images and videos. You can use any combination of these type of content to create an Instagram post. The type of content also depends on the reason why you are using Instagram. For e.g. If you are using for your personal use, you will be using mainly picture and video. If you are a food blogger, you will be mostly focusing on food drooling pictures.

Here are 6 steps to create an awesome Instagram post:

1. Figure out the niche for your content:

Before we create an Instagram post, decide what is the area of expertise who are going to focus. It can range from just a personal space to being an influencer. This is important so that you can streamline your content according to niche. If you are a travel page, people will want to see pictures of exotic shots of places not anything else.

2. Research the profiles in your niche

With your niche ready, look into the profiles who belong to same niche as yours. Note down what type content is getting engagement and you get inspiration for content. It is very important that you don’t copy anyone else content. If people find you are copying someone else’s content, it becomes very detrimental to your brand image.

3. Decide the type of content

Decide what type of content you want to post. This will depend on the nature of the post you want to post- Entertainment or informational posts. When you choose either of the two types, you need to select among text, image or video.

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4. Choose your content to post:

Content is the backbone for your post. It needs to be in your niche so that your page is consistent. Make sure content is always original. You can take content inspiration from the topical news happening concerning your niche, sometimes you can even ask your followers what type of content they are expecting from you- this step will be helpful when you have a good number of followers. You need to put constantly different type of content to see what type of content gets more engagement. If you’re having a photography page, you need to vary your content between people photography and nature photography and decide which one are people preferring.

5. Design of the post:

With the content ready, the key step to create an Instagram post is the design of the post to effectively communicate the content you want to deliver. The design of the post depends on the type of content- text, picture and video.

Text posts:

  • This is mainly used for informational or sometimes for extertainment posts.
  • You can create text-based posts using Canva, Crello, Adobe Photoshop.
  • You need to make sure you incorporate your brand logo in your picture if you are building your brand.
  • You need decide the color which will in the background and the text color. Both should be contrasting so that it is easier for the user to read.
  • It is easier if you can make 2-3 background templates and you can use the background templates. These background templates can easier help people to associate the color with your brand.
  • When there is more content to display, use the Instagram carousel feature. Split the content accordingly to be evenly spread across the different picture in the carousel. Make sure that in each picture of the carousel, the content is complete.
  • Don’t clutter up the post. Allow your design to breathe. Leave ample space between the lines of text.

Text and image posts:

  • This kind of post are mainly used for informational purposes such as tutorials and also entertainment purposes such as funny posts, memes.
  • The challenge of the post is to decide the position of the image and text. The carousel is very essential in this type of posts. You can either place text and picture in different parts in the carousel if it is any tutorial kind of posts else you can have it in the single post.
  • It is recommended to use one/ two images per part if there are many parts in the carousel. It is to make sure that the image is visible and not get distorted.
  • Especially when writing on picture, make sure you that the text is clearly visible and it is of appropriate size and color.
  • You can also create some 2-3 templates using Photoshop, Canva, Crello and then incorporate text and pictures in them.

Image posts:

  • The star of the image posts is the image itself. It needs to do the talking and promote your brand image.
  • For image posts, the quality of the image plays a vital role. You cannot expect a low-quality image to get good engagement on Instagram.
  • For any image, especially while you are promoting any brand or product, you need to make sure that the product or brand is in focus. You cannot put a product in the corner if the product is the one you are trying to promote or sell.
  • Try different kind of effects, touchups to make the posts look attractive. Play with Black and white, hue, contrast, saturations, brightness levels to make the image pop.
  •  You can have some background templates such as frames, white backgrounds like polaroid effect etc. if it suits to your brand.
  • Make sure you have the correct Instagram Post size – 1080 x 1080 px if it is square post, 1080 x 608 px if it is a Landscape post and 1080 x 1350 px if it is a portrait post.

Video posts:

  • With the advent of Instagram IGTV and Reels, video format posts can be trending on Instagram with the right kind of content.
  • For video kind of posts, it can a tutorial video or entertainment type.
  • While posting video, duration is a crucial factor.
  • Depending on the video, Reels or IGTV can be used.  If it is a very short video, Go for reels. Reels will get you higher engagement since it is a recent feature introduced by Instagram. For videos of 5-15 minutes, go for IGTV.
  • Whenever you put video content, make sure the video is of high video quality. Having high quality videos is a direct boost to your brand image.
  • Whenever you are putting tutorial videos, make sure they are of good quality and have clear instructions of your process in your video. This increases user experience and if people like your video, they will even save your video.

6. Captions and hashtags:

This is very essential because it is essential to describe your posts , tag essential people and brands and finally introduce the hashtags. Hashtags are important because they increase your brand recognition. You can use 30 hashtags on Instagram. Make sure you use a mixture of soldier and high hashtags.

Soldier hashtags are ones which have less than 500 k followers and above 500k followers those are knowns are king hashtags. When you are just building a brand, go for soldier hashtags, since these are specific hashtags and help you get more visibility.

King hashtags can be used when you have more than 20k followers and you can get more followers when you use king hashtags.

For e.g. #digitalmarkeing is a king hashtag whereas #digitalmarketingbangalore is a soldier hashtag

At the end of the day, content is king. People come to Instagram for content. Entertain or educate them, they will be hooked.

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