7 ideas for an awesome social media post for travel niche

Don’t we just melt when we see pictures of amazing nature? Whatever travel pictures we see, from nature pictures to monuments pictures, all these pictures make us go in awe. Hence if you are starting a page in the travel domain on any social media such as Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest , here are 7 ideas to create an awesome social media post for travel page.

Ideas to create an awesome social media post for travel niche

  1. Nature
  2. City/ Country side
  3. Street view
  4. Food
  5. Culture
  6. Way of living
  7. People

A travel page on a social media can be for personal interest or a business.  If you are creating a social media travel page for personal interest, it is necessary to narrow down and a select a city/ state so that you can focus on posting about that particular city or state. This way, people can easily associate you with the posts.

You can either use all the 7 ideas for posting in your page or choose any of these ideas as a micro niche for your page.


Travel and nature go hand in hand. Every place you travel has nature all around. You can capture the beauty of it.

social media post for travel, beach

Nature posts can be like pictures of mountains, rivers, valleys, gardens, grasslands, wildlife. Nature posts can be also capturing the beauty of a place during morning, evenings and across different seasons – summer, winter and monsoon.

These can be either capture the beauty of scenic nature or you can capture a time lapse of surrounding of the place. You can do a time lapse of a single place from morning through evening and capture the beauty of the surrounding place.

 These posts can either be like you in present in nature background or fully focusing on the nature only.

2.City/ Country side:

If you love your city, every place resonates with good memories. Every place is perfect and you can bring out the beauty of that place. Be it any market bustling with people, the overview of the city from a high-rise building, library, museum, people rushing to get into train and bus and the list goes on. You can do time-lapse video of bustling city life and the different aspects what people do every day.

social media post for travel- city

You can also show the famous places right from the famous monuments, shopping malls to restaurants and places to hang out, places to go for a long drive.

You can also focus on vibrance of the city during morning and night time, different activities followed during day and at night time, glow of the city during summer , winter and monsoon time, joyfulness during festival and sports matches.

You can also show some underrated places which are like offbeat places people can visit in your place.

If you are focusing on country side, you can portray the beauty of farmlands, harvesting, and country landscapes.

3.Street View:

Street view is basically focusing on the different roadways in a place and the different modes of transport.

You can focus on the roads, bridges, train tracks, metros, people running in and out of the different places. You can show the street view during different parts of the day – during morning office rush, noon and evening rush.

You can focus on the greenery along the street, street during different seasons and different festivals.


Who doesn’t love to see finger licking food? You can focus on either on food aspect or the restaurant aspect.

You can show the different delicacies of the place, the famous eateries, street food. You can show these eateries and also the food. You can also shoot the video of the food preparation process in the eateries as a time lapse. You can highlight the famous foods of the place, where to find them and how to make them. You can also focus on the foods eaten during different seasons.

5.Culture :

The most important part of a place is the culture of the people. You can focus on the different aspects such as religious places, the city view during festivals, their practices, their art forms and dance forms. The view of the religious places such as temples during auspicious days, mosques and churches during prayers and festivals, the liveliness and happiness of people during the festivals, color and vibrance of the city can be captured in the pictures.

You can also showcase the different art form such as scriptures, paintings, drawings , hand crafts and also the dance forms which are famous in that place.

6.Way of living :

This focuses on the day to day living of the people in the city.  The way of living symbolizes the way people dress, the mannerisms, day to day activities. It can be how people buy stuff to how they wait in line to board a metro train. You can portray how people dress up right from kids to elders. You can also focus on day to day activities of the people like students going to school and college, people eating breakfast at eateries, people running and catching a bus.

7.People :

This category will be a hybrid of all the above mentioned categories. You can go for post with people present in day to day life- such as people who sell vegetables, a mom or dad dropping their kids at school, a tea shop owner, a tailor stitching clothes, people going for an early walk or practicing yoga, children playing, students dancing. Every activity we do is an art which can captured beautifully in a post.

The beauty in the post can be brought out by the emotions and colors of the dresses.

If you are a having business travel page, you can mainly focus on the culture, nature and city aspect along with your itinerary details.  The posts you put need to be of good quality images so that it leaves a huge impact on your potential clients. You need to a weave a story in your explaining the beauty of these places.

Look around you. Everything around you is a worth social media post material. A post is just not only about the picture , it is about the emotion it is conveying.

If you want to know more about how to get started posting social media, check out this blog on social media post design.

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