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We are living in the age of social media where people are consuming content on a day to day basis. Social media has now a days become a part and parcel of our lives. Most of the people have at least one social media site in which they are active. There are nearly 3.5 billion people who use social media – that’s almost half the world’s population!! Hence it is required to have an impressive social media post design to have your content stand out. However, the rate of engagement on the posts across all social media platforms is just around 1 %.

Why are the engagement rates so low? 

engagement statistics
Engagement statistics on social media sites

The engagement rates are so low because the content or the way the post is designed do not appeal to the users. We have seen many posts where the pictures are blurred, they have used too much effects which ruins the pictures, the pictures are of low quality, colour scheme used in the posts are not user friendly and the list goes on.

These kinds of social media creatives can be detrimental because many people use social media to sell their products. Nowadays there are so many businesses who use social media to market and sell their products. If you are a new player, to get good engagement on your posts and drive traffic to your page, your content needs to be flawless and the way how to go about is to have a great social media post design.

Types of social media creatives:

Content on social media can be of text, pictures or video. You need to figure out social media design strategy depending on which platform you are targeting. For example, Facebook and Instagram are picture and Video based platform, these content work better when compared to text whereas on LinkedIn and Twitter, Text based content can work better. This is not a hard and fast rule, type of content depends on your audience. Depending on your content, you need to word around with social media post design part.

How to make creatives for social media?

Are there tools available to make this process easier? Are there any templates which are available or any social media design cheat sheet available?

The answer to all the above questions- YES.

Following are the steps to create a kickass social media post design:

1. Do research about the profiles in your niche

Before designing your post, you need to know what kind of posts are working for businesses in your line of work. You can seek inspiration what is working for them and what is not is working for them. See their profiles to understand what kind of content which is consumed by their user base.

social media post design, social media post graphics
Researching profiles in your niche

2. Decide the end goal of the post which you want post on social media

People use social media for either for entertainment or informational purpose. Your post needs to satisfy either of the conditions.

3. Decide the type of post

Once you have decided the end goal, you need to figure out the type of post- photo, video or text.

4. Decide the content for the post

  • Before figuring out for any social media post design , you need to zero in on the content part. It forms the basis for any design.
  • If it is a personal branding page, you can give some informational posts and you can also show some personal aspects post. With the personal posts, people will be able to connect more with you.
  • When creating content for the post, do not copy and paste text from other profile’s post. You can take notes on the way another post is designed.
  • When you are preparing the content, make sure that the content is true and not spammy or clickbait type. This shall create a negative impact on you and your brand.

5. Design of the post:

Once the content part is ready and type of post is determined, we can jump into the core part of social media post design process- The design of the post.

If you are a business trying to promote your products, make you’re your logo or there is a watermark of your company name in your post.

Picture based social media designs:

  • When you are posting some photo-based images, make sure that the images are of high resolution.
  • These pictures should have the product or the person in focus so that it does the selling of the picture by itself.
  • Try to adjust the brightness / contrast and experiment with some filters without loosing the charm of the original image
  • You can use white based social media post templates like polaroid or square based white background to introduce a sense of class to your images. You can use tools like photoshop, Canva, Trello, Adobe Spark, or any available online social media post maker.

Text and picture-based social media designs:

  • Text and picture-based designs can be for 2 purpose- Posters and Informational post/tutorials
  • When it comes social media designs, the main aspects to keep in mind are the color schemes, placing of text, type of font and picture placement.
  • When figuring out the colors, always go for high contrasting color scheme and use minimal of colors. Try to have a maximum of 3-4 colors.
  • Do not fill up the whole area of the post with your text, always try to give space. Having space in your post makes it look a bit professional.
  • Use high quality images to make the post look more appealing
  • Align your texts to either corner of the posts to make it look neat
  • If you have to give more information, try to split information among many images of the post. This way, it is easy for people to understand what you are trying to convey and it won’t clutter your posts.
  • These social media post graphics or social media post mockup can be created using Adobe photoshop, Canva, Trello etc.

Video based social media designs:

  • For a video-based post, make sure that the video is not too long. Make sure that your video is under 2-3 minutes to make sure the users are hooked on to your content.
  • Video content can be like animated videos, group of pictures/ text put as a video or actually video shot on camera.
  • Keep your video short and crisp and to the point. Your main motive is to bring awareness to brand and increase the brand awareness.

These are some of the tips to have a good post design. You need to experiment with a lot of styles and designs to zero in on the best design for your brand.

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